With my extensive experience, I provide competent and reliable support to ensure that you remain capable of taking action during personnel shortages!

Exemplary assignments:

  • Restructuring, including negotiations with works councils/unions and implementation of personnel adjustments.
  • Taking over general management functions in a medium-sized company for strategic realignment and initiating generational change.
  • Acting as temporary replacement for Human Resources management during absences.
  • Handling topics of significant organizational and personnel politics relevance.

Exemplary customer inquiries:

"I recently acquired a company that needs to be integrated into my organization, but I don't have confidence in the current management. Can you handle negotiations with both works council committees, including internal and external communications?"
"My son unfortunately did not inherit the entrepreneurial gene, but my grandchildren are developing well and I expect them to eventually take over the company. However, how do I bridge the gap until then?"
"Our HR manager is involved in a European project and cannot also handle on-site restructuring."
"I lack negotiation skills to implement urgently needed changes."

I have addressed these and similar challenges in customer consultations and supported them in various organizational setups and industries through consulting, coaching, and taking over project management or leadership functions.

Stay capable of taking action and schedule an initial conversation now.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you and to a successful and trustful cooperation.